About Nancy

Nancy Allyson Cooke Bunnell is a painter, who works out of her studio, in rural Northeastern CT. Her Inspiration is a result of a lifetime of creatively interacting with color saturated flora, riverbeds, thick woodlands, peaceful farms, and nature, but primarily the with the precious people in her life. Her imagery spans from a more formal realism to energy invoked experimental abstraction and design.

My Artist’s Process

Painting is my unique relationship with the creative process. My process begins with rigidity and control of the medium. My analytical, left brain is making the painting decisions. At this point we’re a team. I initiate those rigid exacting lines to make everything fit perfectly and neatly into a rectangular shape. My paintings hover between the manageable and unrestrained place with ample space for creativity and order.

At a particular point my right hemisphere takes hold of my hand. And then an intuitive, unrestrained, inspirational, a controlled out-of-control place takes hold. The lines, shapes, textures of the innovative ‘righter’ brain dance on the page, a symphony within the silence. The brush, the pastels move sideways, then flat, sharp edged, then a curved, pushing, pulling, rolling. The paint drips and is possibly smeared or erased. The colors speak loudly boldly or serenely subdued. I am called to supper. My brain snaps out of this place of play and wonder. I tape my 24”x 36” canvas on my refrigerator and eat my meal.

Thanks to a deep spirituality and my determined commitment to allow my right hemisphere to paint, my skills and my work are always transforming. Both my extensive art training through three universities and personal mentors and the honor of teaching adults and also children have built and reinforced my skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to have exhibited work in so many shows and galleries. My paintings have been purchased by many art supporters, and many awards have been bestowed. The awards are only a recognition, a small statement of a job well done, but are a culmination of years of a humble recognition of where this creative gift began and of my cheering squad of family, friends and art enthusiast.