Baby Calf

Baby Calf



I am attracted to their beckoning eyes, their sense of helplessness and neediness in a people dominated world, their connectedness to the human race, their extinction and disconnectedness caused by the world, their sensitivity and healing, the love they can surround you with, and so I paint animals and pets.





Spring trees. blossoms and trees

Spring Ballet



The absolute beauty of rural New England farms, mountains, hills, and meandering paths as well as scenes from my travels are inspirations for my landscapes.






Easter Joy, child and easter eggs

Easter Joy



Children fascinate me most of all.  I can not think of anything more precious, innocent and unconditionally loving than a child. I am honored to paint children.







Columbine, blue flower



Still Life/Flowers

What is more profound than one small flower.  Each shape, petal, the brilliant color and so many shapes and sizes is astounding. My need is to capture each living flower in pastel with total luminescence and energy with expressive strokes.